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Membership Affairs Department


--Instructing and coordinatingthe works of those sub-branches of CCPIT HangzhouSub-councilandalso sub-branches ofchamber of international commercein various counties in Hangzhou area,providing the plateform for thosememberenterprises of CCPIT Hangzhou Sub-councilto exchange informationand strengthern cooperation. 

--Hosting or organizing memberenterprisesto attend lectures, seminars and trainingsin the fields of foreign trade and economy.

--In charge of developing, managing and servingallmemberenterprises.

--Organizing memberenterprisesto go abroad tohave businiessvisitorattend trade and technical communication activities.

--Hosting congresses, CCPIT Hangzhou (Hangzhou Chamber of International Commerce) working conferences, and other meetings. 

--Authorized by municipal governmentof Hangzhou, approving and administrating all trade and technical communication exhibitions and conferences in Hangzhou area held by overseas institutions and enterprises.

--Maintaining relationships withall of the brotherCCPIT sub-councilsin rest of the nation.

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