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Legal Affairs Department


--Engagingin enacting the municipal legislation.

--Providingconsulting services on relevant state trade policies and legislations for members of Chamber of International Commerce, other enterprises and individuals. Guidingand administeringthe secretariat of Hangzhou Mediation Center of CCPIT.

--IssuingCertificateof Origin in Chinaforthoseexporting goodsunder the authorization of State Laws and regulations. ToGuide and administer the branches of Certificate Issuing Centerand also to train and guide the applicators andauthorizedpersons in dealing with the certifications.

--Providingconsultationforforeign tradeand economic policiesand legislation. To be legal counsels for domestic and foreign clients and to participate in commercial negotiation, to draft contracts and issue legal comments etc.

--Provide legal services for lawsuit and arbitration upon the clients' entrustment. Give consulting on international business issues, e.g. foreign enterprises invest or set up representative offices or companies in China, Chinese companies establish business operations abroad. Hold conference, training program on international commercial law and build up relationship with the international professionals in the fields.

--Provide agent service for trademark registration at home and abroad.

--Provide agent service for International standard Quality Testing & Product Evaluation.

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(1) Detailed Introduction of the Certificate Issuing Center of CCPIT Hangzhou Sub-council

To issue the Certificate of Origin is one of the important functions of CCPIT Hangzhou Sub-council. It has a series of services, as follows:

●Issue Certificate of Origin for export goods. Issue documentation that certify People's Republic ofChinais the place of origin of the export goods, the Certificate of Origin for short, according to PRC Provisions on Place of Origin of Export Goods.  

●Issue Certificate of Processing. Issue the Certificate of Processing for goods that completely or partly use imported raw materials or parts in processing and assembly.

l      Issuance of Preferential Certificate of Origin for Exports

The Preferential Certificate of Origin for Exports refers to a document that certifies that the origin of the item referred therein under the preferential trade agreement is the People’s Republic of China. So far, China has entered into six free-trade agreements, and the regions where regional Preferential Certificate of Origin for Exports has been formally adopted include the Asia-Pacific Free Trade Zone, the China-New Zealand Free Trade Zone,the China-Singapore Free Trade Zone and China-Peru Free Trade Zone.


-        A voucher used in the countries to the related free-trade agreements for the product to enjoy duty deduction or exemption or zero customs duty in both the importing and exporting countries at the same time;

-        An effective certificate for determining that the product is “made in China”;

-        One of the bases of duty deduction or exemption or zero customs duty in both the importing and exporting countries and of formation of related trade policies.

Requirements for Its Application

-         exporting goods fall within the scope of preferred list under related preferential trade agreement;

-        The exporting goods meet the requirements for place of origin under related preferential trade agreement.

Procedure for Application

Any business incorporated in the People’s Republic of China and entitled to import and export may apply for Preferential Certificate of Origin for Exports, the specific procedure for which includes registration, application, examination and approval, issuance, annual review, and audit.

●Issue Certificate of Re-export. Issue the Certificate of Re-export for goods that under entrepot trade

●Certify foreign trade documents. Certify foreign trade documents for export negotiation, including forma invoice, packing list, bill of lading, shipping company certificate and ship's nationality certificate, freight invoice and other foreign trade documents.

●Issue Certificate of International Commerce. Issue certificate of international commerce for the purpose of custom clearance, banking settlement, obtaining of license for production and sales in the imported country, protection of intellectual property in imported country as well as establishment of agents, bidding, contracting project and settlement of disputes at overseas.

●Act as the agent to process consular identification. Process consulate legalization for foreign trade commercial documents upon trust of foreign trade companies, export-oriented enterprises and other applicants.

●Act as an agent to process ATA carnet. Process ATA carnet used for customs clearance on behalf of applying enterprises; ATA carnet is a customs document that serves as guarantee warrant for the imported goods to be accepted as goods temporarily exempt from tariff by customhouse of the imported country.

(2)Detailed introduction of the agency of Quality Testing (International Standard) and Product Evaluation

Chinese mechanical, electrical and textile products are exported to the foreign countries, especially to Europe and US. Before they enter the international market they should obtain the Certificate of quality testing and product evaluation so as to get the license for market access. China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) cooperates with US Conformity Consultants (USCC) and many other oversea product testing and evaluation institutions to act as a professional agent of international standard quality testing and evaluation for China products, which helps to expand exports and assists national products to acquire the testing report from the authoritative labs, respective department and certification institution in Europe, US and other developed countries conveniently and economically.

In order to encourage enterprises to upgrade product quality and expand export, the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Finance jointly announced "the notice on printing and issuing Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Measures for Administration of International Market Developing Funds of Small-and-Medium Sized Enterprises", which has a special prescription on financial assistance on international quality testing and evaluation for small-and-medium sized enterprises.  

CCPIT Hangzhou Sub-Council has acquired the license of agency in this field and provides agency services of following authoritative quality testing and product evaluation in foreign countries:

-Food/ Drug Standard FDA, NSF-Mechanism/Electrics Standard


-Textile Standard


We will whole-heartedly serve you to assist your company to explore the international market.